J. Harry Tregoe



One of my personal goals for the coming year is to continue my own education. I plan to seize every opportunity to improve the skills I possess or to learn new skills that will not only help me get ahead, but also benefit my company and my association. As a member of NACM, you have many opportunities to seize, not only on a local level, but through your national organization. I urge you to read Business Credit magazine and the Credit Research Foundation's Journal of Credit and Financial Management, and to participate in the many courses and programs NACM has to offer. You will find these tools useful as you stretch your personal vision and your sense of what you can become.


Finally, as a volunteer leader, I am proud to support one of the most important sectors of our nation's business. In tandem with the thousands of other volunteers who give their time and talent to lead our industry, I look forward to having a positive impact on our association.



LLOYD N. RIFFER II, CCE Chairman, 1998-1999


To have been selected for a volunteer leadership role is a singular honor. It suggests that you, my peers, believe that I will lead the organization to continued-and perhaps even greater-accomplishment in the coming year. As a leader in our fine organization, I believe that I am participating in an enormously important and worthwhile national movement. Consider the history and import of our efforts. NACM was founded more than a century ago, making it one of the oldest business organizations in the country. The vision then was to standardize credit policy and ensure the free exchange of business information, for the good of the nation's economy. During the course of the next 102 years, through war, depression and times of plenty, NACM has never wavered from that mission.


I understand and accept my role as a volunteer leader with policy making responsibility; and I appreciate and support NACM's professional staff, who are partners in policy development, and in carrying out NACM's operational responsibilities. During the coming year, I'm sure we will face many challenges. I will assume the role of motivator to enhance NACM's welfare and, when necessary, that of mediator to protect and promote the common good of NACM's membership.


Leadership demands tact and diplomacy. It also requires forthrightness. Hidden agendas rarely, if ever, lead to progress and very often succeed only in spoiling the mix. I promise that, as much as possible in my dealings with others, I will cooperate rather than compete, compliment rather than condemn, and coach rather than criticize. I will avoid negative statements such as, "I can't. .. " "it won't work ... " "that's a bad idea ... " or "We tried that once before." I will be mindful of the various needs of all members 01 NACM and I plan to seek a balance for these diver· gent interests, with an open agenda and positive results.


All else aside, don't for a minute think that my new role will be all work and no play, or that I will lose my sense of humor! I am looking forward, for example to NACM's expansion into Canada and beyond. It is a good feeling to know that NACM is so well-respected outside of its present membership, that business professionals come to us to initiate our expansion' How many businesses can boast such a compliment? This is indicative of the strength NACM members find in partnership—with our Affiliates across the country, with NACM National's business partners and with each other. Through these partnerships, we continue NACM's fine and historic tradition, and build an even stronger association.